Our values

Everyone has their own reasons for volunteering. People have different needs and different expectations. But here are some of the things we think you have a right to expect as a volunteer with We are Cheshire East.

  1. Keeping volunteers at the heart of everything we do, we want to make sure volunteers are at the center of our work and feel confident about helping us deliver amazing services together
  2. For Volunteers, by volunteers – we want to make sure we involve volunteers in all aspects of our training, support and development. Volunteers know what works and what doesn’t, what people need and where we can make an impact.
  3. Collaborate and develop volunteer roles to meet the needs of our communities and our volunteers. Together helping us to deliver the best impact we can, with mutual benefits.
  4. Grow the number of people choosing to volunteer with us. We want to develop new roles to stimulate volunteering to engage with wider volunteering audiences.
  5. Inspire skill building amongst volunteers by offering varied opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge, helping them to feel great about themselves and full of confidence
  6. Motivate volunteers and recognise the work they do by investing in volunteering recognition to encourage volunteers to stay with us
  7. Trust and building lasting relationships with volunteers as being part of the community means there is trust, communication and respect from everyone.