Happy Appy Zoom meeting

Nantwich Buddies maximise their Happiness in 6-weeks

Volunteer group Nantwich Buddies piloted a 6-week mental wellness programme thanks, in part, to a grant from the Cheshire Crime Commissioner fund.

Happiness Hub Podcast hosts Kedren Elliott, a counsellor and Liz Parkin, founder of the Nantwich Buddies, teamed up with mindset coach Benjamin Stubbs [Benjamin Stubbs]  to launch the free course called Happy Appy.

Nantwich Buddies, Redshift Online and Happy Appy logos

From the comfort of their own homes, through weekly Zooms and regular app notifications, participants were guided through daily activities and resources for better mental health and happier living.

Wellbeing exercises in gratitude, self-care, creating new habits, giving and connecting which are all recognised practises of the Five Ways to Wellness were met with positive reviews from the participants.

Kedren said “we really enjoyed putting together the weekly themes and running the sessions. It was so uplifting to read and talk about the things people were grateful for each week and to hear from participants about how instilling small everyday habits each week was helping them become more positive”.

Of the people that took part, 100% said they found the App easy to use and 90% said they would recommend the course to others while 83% said they would continue with the daily practises and new habits they picked up from the programme.

One participant said“I’ve learnt the value in taking time to reflect on my own thoughts and to try and separate the emotion from the situation, and in finding things to be grateful about each day.”

Nicky said “Resources were great and I enjoyed all the podcasts, I’ll continue to listen to the Happiness Hub podcasts!”

The team are now reviewing the feedback and looking to roll out another pilot with a focus of 18 – 30 year olds over the coming months. To find out more or to log your interest, please visit: https://www.happinesshubuk.org/,  email info@nantwichbuddies.org or call Kedren on 07702 174 155